FINGERSK8 - Concrete and Polymer DIY Ledge


"Do It Yourself" Fingerboard Skate Spot Ledge!

Concrete blocks, angle iron and a polymer curb is included to build a fingerboard skate spot. Fingersk8 wax ensures smooth grinds and steel gives the smoothest fasted grind. Build your vision using Fingersk8 Stick Wad to hold each piece firmly. 

  • 1 Polymer Parking Curb (8"L x 1/2"H)
  • 4 Concrete Cinder Blocks (2"L x 1"H)
  • 1 piece of 1/2" angle iron (8"L)
  • Fingersk8 Stick Wad Fingerboard Putty
  • Fingersk8 Fingerboard Wax
  • Stickers and Non-Skid Tape

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