Fingerboard Glossary

This glossary content is compiled edited segments from Wikipedia.

Fingerboard: A fingerboard is a working replica of a skateboard that a person "rides" by replicating skateboarding maneuvers with their hand. It can also be referred to as a finger skate board or a Fingersk8 board. The device itself is a scaled-down skateboard complete with moving wheels, graphics, and trucks. More modern fingerboards feature "interchangeable wheels and trucks and a fairly accurate scale size. Fingerboards are a high-end collectible, complete with accessories one would find in use with standard-size skateboards.

Fingerboard Deck: There is a wide variety of fingeboard decks with material ranging from wood ply to plastic, to metal. Most commonly, decks are made out of wood ply, as this gives it more "pop" and a more authentic feel and look. The average deck will have two kicks - a flared end used for leveraging the board. Most decks have medium kicks and low concave. Some decks have higher kicks. Examples include Elevate, Fanno and Fingersk8 Decks.

Fingerboard Truck: Fingerboard trucks are the structures attached to the bottom of the fingerboard deck that house the wheels and bushings. Some trucks are an “all one” molded piece while others are scaled-down versions of regular skateboard trucks. As fingerboarding has evolved "collector" and "pro" versions have emerged with some brands shaped using special instruments to make them lighter and look better.

Fingerboard Wheel: Fingerboard wheels attach to the trucks and can determine how smooth the ride is thus what kind of "flow" or how smooth a user's ride can be. The professional brands are traditionally made out of a variety of different materials including neoprene, and have small ball bearings. Bearings inside the wheel enhance the smoothness.

Griptape: Griptape is the friction tape adhered to the topside of the deck to enable users to more easily maintain control of the fingerboard. There are many types of griptape. Some use standard skateboard griptape although it is not as comfortable and may wear out faster on fingerboards as they endure more moisture from sweat and oils from a user's hand. The more desirable foam grip tape such as Fliptape and Vize Grip Tape, is a softer alternative. It is less harsh on a user's fingers allowing them to fingerboard for longer periods of time and offers more control.

Fingerboard Tuning: Fingerboard tunings include bushings which are pliable material that provide the cushion mechanism for turning a standard skateboard but on a fingerboard help stabilize the trucks thus keeping the wheels in the same position to enable stronger tricks and visual appeal. Collector and "pro" brand bushings are made from many different types of squishy material usually rubberized plastic or rubber. Tuning kits also contain truck locking nuts and replacement nuts, and pivot cups. Cut tubing is often used for pivot cups on fingerboard trucks.

Fingerboard Obstacles: Fingerboarders construct and purchase reduced scale obstacles that would be considered a natural features to an urban skateboarder such rails, benches, granite stairs and jersey barriers that they would be likely to encounter while riding skateboards. In addition, users might build and buy items seen in a skate park including half-pipes, quarter-pipes, trick-boxes, ramps, pyramids, banked ramps, full pipes, and any number of other trick -oriented objects.

Fingerboard Trick: Fingerboard tricks may be performed using fingers. Most tricks done on a fingerboard are the same as people do on skateboards. A variety of innovative tricks from classic, so-called "old-school", to more original and creative maneuvers can be envisioned and done on a small scale. Individual style and diversification of tricks is rewarded.

Fingerboard Contest, Fairs and Events: Fingerboarding events often feature elaborate scaled models and accessories and provide an opportunity to attend workshops, showcase fingerboard’s skills and compete.

Fingerboard Video: Fingerboard videos, like skate videos are made by many users to document their tricks and artistic efforts. Fingerboarding is a good match for videography as the action can be controlled and framing the activity offers opportunities for creativity. Fingerboarding is often features in videos on web sites and sites like You Tube.